Flood 2020

Updated on May 2, 2020

  • Entry: As of now access to the site is closed and entry is not permitted. We are not yet sure when we will be permitted to start an assessment before we can even think of starting the cleanup.
  • Volunteers and Donations: We appreciate the fact that many people are reaching out wanting to help. There is no doubt that much effort and generosity from all of us will be essential during these very difficult times. As of now, we can’t be physically present in our buildings to do anything. We ask that you please preserve your energy and enthusiasm, and keep checking our E-Newsletter and our website. I will send out requests for volunteers and donations through the E-Newsletter and our website when we have more information. Once we are able to use the main floor of the Office, we will be better able to co-ordinate questions about volunteers and donations.
  • Future Updates: Going forward we intend to use our E-Newsletter and parish Website to provide frequent updates on the status of access, cleanup, and restoration. I regret the fact that as entry is not permitted, I will not be able to update you with any more pictures of our church and office sites, other than what is on this page. Please click the slider to browse through the pictures.
Updated on July 4, 2020
With the Church building closed due to the flood, we requested Bishop Paul that we proceed with some much needed renovation of the Church. The major updates will include new flooring for the entire main floor and a new altar, chairs, etc. for the sanctuary. Some of the work has already started and it will continue at the same time as the flood restoration work.
The Church and Office basements are ready for the rebuild stage and we hope that this work will begin soon. The Church and Office buildings continue to remain closed to the public. 

Updated on May 9, 2020

 Restoration Update: Now that the floodwaters have receded, we begin the long process of cleanup and restoration in both the Church and Office basements. The RMWB granted us access to the property on May 1. At that time, neither building had gas or electricity and there was still floodwater and sewage in both basements. In working with our insurance company, a contractor has been hired to complete cleanup and demolition of these areas. Due to health concerns, the buildings remain closed to the public.

 We have met with the insurance adjustor to complete a preliminary assessment of the damage. We are currently compiling a list of items that have been damaged and need to be discarded. This is a very long list and several parish groups and individuals have been contacted to assist us with this process.

 As of today, we still do not have gas or electricity in either building. The contractor is nearing completion of the cleanup process and demolition will begin soon.  All of this needs to be completed before we can even begin to rebuild.

 Bishop’s Visit: Bishop Terrio came to Fort McMurray on May 2 to provide prayer, guidance and support on behalf of the entire diocese of St. Paul. He met with the priests from both parishes and afterwards he was able to visit the church site.

 Love Thy Neighbour: Between the Covid-19 pandemic and the flood, this is indeed a very challenging time for all of us. Many families and individuals are dealing with physical, emotional and mental struggles as they try to cope with their everyday lives. Please reach out to your neighbours and fellow parishoners who may need your help. Let them know that they are in our prayers.

Updated on May 15, 2020



This week, cleanup was completed in both the Church and Office basements and demolition has begun. Most of the drywall, doors and floor tiles have been removed from the church basement. All of the cupboards in the Hall kitchen were torn down and they started to remove the appliances. The demolition will continue next week as furnaces, hot water tanks and electrical panels are removed from both buildings.
The Church and Office buildings remain closed to the public as demolition continues.
Updated on May 31, 2020
The final stage of demolition has started. The furnaces have been removed and the abatement process for the office basement and church washrooms is taking place. Restoration will not begin until this process is completed. Masses have been temporarily cancelled and the Church and Office buildings remain closed to the public.